directed by Marcus Grysczok, shot in Iceland 2016.
„1st Song“ written and performed by Peter Piek '1st Song' taken from the Album '+' (release Dec 9, 2016)

"That moment when you're in the air. That's when you're flying. For a very short moment that is. But what happens if this moment becomes the only reality? Then you fly. Not like a bird. Not like we managed to actually fly.
But we float. We're free. Never touching ground again. The will to fly becomes manifestation of dance. A float along with the music. You jump as high as you can. And that's it. That's the furthest you'll ever get. An expression of joy and freedom."

Ari Fuchs, Eggert Einer Nielson, Michelle Nielson, Bernhard Eder, Johanna Amelie, Nicolas Boblin, Trinidad Doherty, Julia Zoephel, Ari Ingólfsson, Roosmarijn, Dooky, Marcus Grysczok, Ana Maria Pires Joaquim, Afonso Sampaio Ponces, Rafael Filipe da Silva Rosa, Jade Filipa da Silva Rosa, Eldar Arnarson, Robin Daniel Scott, Ísak Dýri Arnarson, Arndís María Eiriksdóttir, Berent Jóhannes Scott, Gabríel Bjarkar Eiríksson, Ragnar Berg Eiríksson, Matthías Harold Scott, Hinrik Smári Jónsson, Flóki Hrafn Markan, Úlfur í Hamraborg and Peter Piek.


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